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Mortissa Perkins - President

My name is Mortissa Perkins. My husband and I purchased our house in 2019.  We have two boys, 14 and 11.  Our family loves this community, and that's why I decided to become more involved. I was voted in as the President of Siena's HOA board in 2021. I am very honored to be working directly with homeowners, C&C Property Management, renters and contractors within our community.  With over 25 years of experience in television and radio, I decided to change my career path six years ago. I have always had a passion for real estate, property management in particular. As a result, I managed an apartment building and now I oversee commercial real estate in the biotechnology industry, among other facilities. This entails working with tenants, subtenants, contractors and vendors. I also started my own property management company back in 2020. Although it's still in its infancy stage, I am very happy that homeowners trust me with overseeing their properties, helping to keep them occupied and turning a profit.

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Dionne Prier - Vice President

I have been a Siena resident since May 2012.  I would describe myself as an easy-going person, as well as a team builder.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with others in our community to keep Siena beautifully maintained, safe, and cohesive. 

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LaKema Sams - Secretary

My name is LaKema Sams.  My three boys and I have owned our home in the Siena community for over six years. I have worked as a public servant for over twenty years. I also have over thirteen years of experience collaborating with community-based organization leaders, small business owners, corporate business managers, school officials, city and county department/division directors and council members. I also have the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities independently or as a team player.

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Lisa Harper - Treasurer

My name is Lisa Harper, and I was elected in 2022 and purchased my home in 2013.
After having lived in Green Valley when its infrastructure and housing were first being
developed I was able to purchase a home here for my daughter. I was elected in 2022
and while I do not live on-site, as a Board member I work to ensure residents live in a
well-maintained neighborhood, follow HOA rules, Bylaws, and CC&Rs, listen to
homeowner concerns and requests, collaborate with local resources and partnerships,
and participate with the Board to make decisions that better the community. I have
significant HOA experience, am a small business owner, a retired Veteran, have 22
years’ of public sector experience, and want to make certain that Siena remains a
happy, vibrant community.

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Eric Mills - Board Member

Hello, my name is Eric Mills and I am one of the newest board members of the Home Owner's Association. My wife and I are proud homeowners here in our neighborhood. It has been a pleasure thus far to be a part of the board. My profession is certified HUD housing counselor and my main job function is to conduct a 4-week housing workshop, counsel clients getting them lender-ready for loan approval, set the clients up with Realtors and eventually find my clients their first home. I was a Real Estate agent several years back and I simply love to help people. I am also a marriage counselor and my passion is to see couples rekindle their relationships. I look forward to continue in my role as a board member and participate in the different community's activities. 

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Our team of experienced individuals takes care of the wants and needs of the people they serve.


There is the perfect team to run an HOA smoothly and efficiently. It makes for a confident and enjoyable experience being a member of the board knowing that everything is being taken care of with integrity, professionally and honestly with high standards demanded and expected by our homeowners.




-Founder, C&C Property Management

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