Mortissa Perkins - President

My name is Mortissa Perkins. I have been a homeowner in Siena since 2019. I love our community and I am proud to be an elected board member. I enjoy talking to homeowners about the community and addressing any concerns they might have. Sometimes you will see me on my bike riding around the community to assess any foreseeable problem or issues and to engage with homeowners. My ultimate goal while on the board is to make sure our property investment will continue to appreciate while building a cohesive community of homeowners, renters and management companies. 

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Kylee McAlister - Vice President

I have been a Siena homeowner since December 2009 and have served on the Board since August 2019, currently serving as Vice President.  I lived in Siena for over 10 years and I think it’s a lovely neighborhood. I recently moved to Napa, though I still work in Green Valley and can often be seen driving through Siena on my way to or from work. As a landlord now for my Siena home, I still care very much about our neighborhood, residents, and property values. I find serving on the board allows me to keep a pulse on the neighborhood happenings and remain involved in the community.

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LaKema Sams - Secretary

My name is LaKema Sams.  My three boys and I have owned our home in the Siena community for over six years. I have worked as a public servant for over twenty years. I also have over thirteen years of experience collaborating with community-based organization leaders, small business owners, corporate business managers, school officials, city and county department/division directors and council members. I also have the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities independently or as a team player.

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Darren Golomb -Treasurer

I am an original homeowner in Siena and I have lived in Siena since January 2006. I joined the board of directors in December 2016 with a personal goal of making Siena a wonderful place to live and raise a family. including my own. As a board member. and an engineer by trade. I enjoy listening to issues and concerns raised by residents and developing solutions that are in the best interest of all association members. You'll find me out walking Siena in the mornings and evenings scouting for neighborhood improvement.

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Dionne Prier - Director

I have been a Siena resident since May 2012.  I would describe myself as an easy-going people person, as well as a team builder.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with others in our community to keep Siena beautifully maintained, safe, and cohesive. 

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Our team of experienced individuals takes care of the wants and needs of the people they serve.


There is the perfect team to run an HOA smoothly and efficiently. It makes for a confident and enjoyable experience being a member of the board knowing that everything is being taken care of with integrity, professionally and honestly with high standards demanded and expected by our homeowners.




-Founder, C&C Property Management